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FAPEP encourages its members to write articles that are of interest. Please submit them in Word format, ready for clip and paste. FAPEP reserves the right to edit and/or deny and submission.

Recertification 2006

The even year is upon us again which means renewal time. Don't wait for the last minute to complete your credit hours. You can begin at any time to get your 30 hours plus 2 hours of HIV update but remember they MUST be obtained from a Florida Bureau of EMS approved provider.

Keep all your education certificates, CPR and ACLS cards for 3 years. In an audit, the Bureau ask for proof of what you renewed with, not what you have currently.

It is your responsibility to renew. Even if your agency renews for you, you are responsible for the renewal and any audits.

F.S. 401 Proposed Changes


FAPEP is proud to have been part of the proposed changes to F.S. 401. We were successful in preventing other Healthcare Providers from challenging the Paramedic exam. However, the law still allows some to challenge and we are moving forward in attempts to have this portion of the law changed.

We are also investigating a proposal FAPEP began. It prevents a duplication of government that goes on. This dulication comes from the approval of EMS schools. Right now the school must be approved by the Dept. of Education and the Florida Bureau of EMS. This approval should be left to the Bureau of EMS just as the Florida Department of Agriculture appoves Security Schools. We will keep you up-to-date.