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What is FAPEP all about?
The Florida Association of Professional EMTs and Paramedics (FAPEP) was created early 1992 in Tallahassee by a a group of local paramedics. The original "Tallahassee Group" was deeply concerned that no organized constituency was solely representing the interests of EMTs and Paramedics across Florida. They decided it was time to demand a voice!

Since that time, FAPEP has expanded throughout Florida with members in nearly every community. FAPEP represents the career EMS professional in Florida on a variety of issues and concerns. As the role of EMTs and Paramedics have continued to evolve, FAPEP has been on the front lines of decision-making in Tallahassee, throughout Florida, and in Washington, D.C. As one of the key EMSassociations in Florida, we continue to represent our members and take a leadership role in just about everything EMS related.

FAPEP is open to all those involved in EMS. Whether a career professional, student, medical director, or provider, FAPEP provides many valuable services and programs. Our professional members include EMTs and Paramedics from every type of employer: fire departments, private services, county
systems, hospitals, corrections, and a variety of others. Take a moment to review
the following links and see why FAPEP is the right choice for you.


What has FAPEP done for me?



As many of you know, FAPEP began in 1992 and still thrives today. As with many organizations, daily operations and considerations are conducted with no one else knowing what has occurred to benefit those directly and indirectly involved.


I thought it would be nice for all to know what FAPEP has done in the past and most recently.


The Special Risk Bill would not have been passed if not for FAPEP. It was by our continued backing and forwardness, this Bill passed.


We receive, from time to time; calls to assist in situations that involve school issues. A few years ago we assisted a student in taking his Paramedic exam. The school he was attending closed its doors and files we somehow misplaced. We guided and negotiated on his behalf, which provided him the opportunity to take the exam. He is a career Paramedic at this time.


Recently we were asked to have the Florida Department of Education correct a statement that a student, who took a degree course, was not eligible for the degree status since the school had recently lost its accreditation. When the student completed the schools requirement for the degree, accreditation was fully in force. After FAPEP acted on her behalf, the student was provided proof that the degree earned was valid. In all, we gained a friendship with the Florida Department of Education and helped a fellow Paramedic keep what was earned. I add that we are assisting, to the best of our ability, the school with this paper mishap on accreditation.


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